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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thanks a Million!

I have a quote on my refrigerator uttered by Abraham Lincoln that says, "Whatever you are, be a good one."  I don't know how many times I have stood at my kitchen sink and read this thinking that he had no idea how many things a modern day woman would be trying to be "good at."  That the quote is noble, but unattainable.  And then a split second later I think, what a DUNCE!  Pull yourself together woman.  Your first world "problems" pale in comparison to what this man faced!  But, it was reading this quote on March 16th that put my Slice of Life posts on hiatus.  I stood in my p.j.'s at one o'clock in the morning staring at the fridge.  In that moment I realized that I was trying to do to much and was not being a "good one" in multiple departments.  My children were running amuck, my husband was starting to growl a little, my house was a mess and I was not rockin' it in the classroom.  I was tired and it showed.  My short lived adventure into this wonderful community of writer's was intoxicating and keeping me up way past my bedtime.  I had to make a choice.  I couldn't quite figure out how to be good at making my posts, reading posts (I could never just read 3!) and getting enough zzzzzzzzzz's.  I mentally boxed with myself  for a few days for being such a loser.  It was just 31 days right?  Eventually I admitted defeat and came to grips with the fact that I would not be able to continue the challenge.  I will spend some time trying to figure out what I can do differently next time, and hopefully, be a "good one" when it comes to the challenge next spring.  I learned so much and the experience has invigorated my teaching of writing in the classroom. A special thanks to all of you who shared your writing and encouraged me with your comments.

Photograph by Will, age 3


  1. I know how you feel! I've been writing and commenting everyday this month, but other parts of my life are suffering and I'm not being a "good one" at everything else. I am glad you were wise enough to know when you needed a break. :)


  2. Yes there have been a few complaints in my household too but the journy has been fun. It is a ride I wouldn't have missed. Like you I am already planning how to manage it all better in 2013. Maybe more notebook entries during 2012 will help?

  3. I guess one thing to keep in mind is that the 31 days is an arbitrary number by Ruth and Stacey. It's really about helping us find a writer's voice in an online space, and think about the possibilities. And, if it helps, they host a Slice of Life every Tuesday.
    It's good to make sure you have balance, so I would not worry about regrets.

  4. I think people accept a challenge and then try very hard to play by the rules. The real "mission" here is to get teachers to write. If we write, we will become better teachers of the writing process. 31 days does not matter. What matters is that you are already planning for next year:) Be kind to yourself and let go once in a while. Read Diana's post today. She is spinning plates:)

  5. I had a couple of friends drop the Slicing for the very same reason. You have to do what you have to do...for you. I hope your life settles into a perfect rhythm.

  6. It is soooo hard to keep all the balls in the air. I'm glad you did what was best for you. Maybe the Tuesday slicing will fit better into your schedule!

  7. You were being good at what you needed to be good at for that moment! There's only so much room on a plate...something has to be removed before you can add more...I
    Didn't make it through all 31 days either...but I have learned so much and it helped me grow personally and professionally for what I did complete! So, no worries
    Like Pete the Cat says, "it's all good!"

  8. I am glad I read this slice today.
    And, you are smiling in the photograph. So good choice. You can only do what you can do.