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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Writing Prompts and Sentences

Last week a good friend of mine posted on Facebook that it was International Book Week and that I should grab the nearest book, turn to page 52 and record the 5th sentence on the page as my next post.  I loved the idea and tried it out.  I got addicted to the idea and proceeded to go through my bookshelf, turn to page 52 of each book and read the 5th sentence on the page.  In the middle of this frenzy it occurred to me that this could be an awesome way to come up with writing prompts and reinforce the idea of a sentence for my second graders!

My sweet little workaholics had been asking me for homework for several days (we are still in the honeymoon phase) so I made their wish my demand this week and created a homework packet that they could work on throughout the following week.  It included reading, spelling, math and writing activities.  For writing I gave them a similar assignment to the one my friend gave me. I asked them to collect 10 reading materials from around their house.  It could be books, magazines, newspapers, cookbooks, you name it.  They had to turn to page 5 and record the 3rd sentence.  My plan is to use these sentences as future writing prompts and homework assignments.  

Here are some of their "found" sentences.

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This is a secret between you and me.

"No electric blankets."

Rainbow Shiner, lookin' sharp.

"Why don't you go play with squirrel?


The hard, woody stem is called a tree trunk.

The black widow is one of the few North American spiders whose bite can hurt humans.

I think they will make for some great writing prompts...

And just a little aside, I looked up International Book Week because another friend of mine questioned whether or not this was legitimate.  It turns out you can host "International Book Week" whenever you want...there is no designated week. :)