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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Common Core Aha Moments!

Recently I have been teaching addition and subtraction of length units using a math module from engageNY. This website contains free mathematics units aligned to the Common Core State Standards.  The word FREE often makes me hesitate when it comes to curriculum but I have been pleasantly surprised with this free resource.  The curriculum is challenging, to say the least, but my second graders are LOVING the challenge and so am I.  I won't sugar coat was HARD to get these little ones excited at first!  Our stamina wasn't up to par for the intensity of this curriculum.  Each lesson includes fluency practice, an application problem (story problem) a concept development lesson, a set of problems for students to work through and an exit ticket.  All of the lesson problem sets have included one or more story problems.  We have been working in this unit for 11 days and had major breakthroughs today.

Breakthrough number 1: 
 "I realized I did not read the problem carefully and that I needed to go back and read it again."

This comment came from one of my most gifted math students after attempting problem number 2 (see picture) and becoming frustrated. Normally she can zip through any problem I throw at her.  Today was different.  Today she realized she needed to read the problem more carefully. 

Breakthrough number 2:
 "Can I go to the next problem?"

This question came from one of my struggling students.  She needs constant encouragement to continue with each assignment.  Today we both realized her stamina was increasing (as was her understanding of the content)!