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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Number Pieces App

Yesterday I was introduced to a new math app put out by The Math Learning Center. The app is called Number Pieces. The number pieces are base ten pieces which we use all the time in second grade to help reinforce place value concepts and computational skills. If you use the Bridges to Mathematics curriculum you are probably familiar with the game Race you to One Hundred and Back. Today my students played this game using the Number Pieces app. They loved it and thought it was much better than using actual base ten pieces. They liked using this app for the game because they felt it was easier to keep track of their pieces when they traded a ten strip for ones. There are two versions of the app and both are free at this time. The only difference I have found so far is that one version includes a ruler. You can change the colors of the pieces and write in the page as well.

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